Sunset Over New York City

Hello! I'm Dr. Michelle Gevedon, an assistant professor at Colorado College. I'm an igneous and metamorphic petrologist; isotope geochemistry and geochronology are most often used tools in my petrology tool box. In this photo we were visiting some unique but remote metamorphic rocks in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. The research projects I work on start in the field to observe the behaviors and relationships of rocks, minerals, and structures, and ends in the lab with the use of many different techniques involving mass spectrometry; I love that fieldwork and laboratory work are equally important to my science! My goal is always to make sure that data we collect in the lab can be interpreted in a way that supports what we observe in the field and through the rocks themselves. I am excited to participate in Science-A-Thon as an example of a women in a traditionally male-dominated field to emphasize that EVERYONE has a place in science and in geology.