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Mary Immaculate

Sunset Over New York City

Black in Geoscience

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru is a geoscientist, and a PhD student from the University of Buea, Cameroon, reading and researching on applied geology precisely exploring mineral deposits using stream sediments, remote sensing and GIS tools. She obtained BSc and MSc from the University of Yaounde I, in Cameroon.

She is currently working as a Research Officer in the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in the Center of Geological and Mining Research, Garoua. She is a member of Black in Geoscience.

In this photo on the field, we are in search of sapphire. here we are in a pit and about to get into the tunnel through which artisanal miners dig to get gravel and wash to collect sapphire.
Mary being an active, devoted and adaptable female scientist who has had the opportunity to work with different kinds of people in different fields of life. She is very smart and bilingual with great zeal for research, growth, career advancement. Through her studies and professional career path, she is determined to advance the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals in Africa through her sound scientific knowledge and educational background. She is also passionate about the advancement of education in Africa and gender inclusiveness in the science community and that is the main goal participating in Science-A-Thon.

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