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Sunset Over New York City

I'm Alexandria Johnson, an Assistant Professor of Practice and Research, in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University! My research aims to understand when, where, and how clouds form in a variety of planetary atmospheres. Here I am with some former group mates around one of our instruments - the Spherical Void Electrodynamic Levitator - used to study the light scattering and nucleation properties of dust (used for water ice cloud formation on Earth and Mars) and cloud analogs (such as potassium chloride for temperate exoplanets). I've taken part in Science-A-Thon since 2018 and have found it to be a fun and impactful way to interact with the community and other scientists. I also love that it pulls back the curtain to provide a real glimpse into our day to day lives, and hope it will inspire the next generation of scientists to pursue their dreams.

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