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๐Ÿ† Andrew

Sunset Over New York City

Hey there! ๐Ÿ‘‹

My name is Andy Wentland, and I work as an analytics manager at Twitter where I help lead a data science team that forecasts global advertiser demand on the platform. I went to the University of Wisconsin - Madison for my undergraduate and graduate studies where I majored in atmospheric science and researched photochemical modeling systems for gas and particulate air pollution.

After my academic studies, I moved to San Francisco to work at Ramboll (formerly Environ) to work on similar problems as my graduate research before gaining an interest in business facing statistical modeling (aka data science) that led me to my current position at Twitter. While the move at face value may seem quite non-linear, at the end of the day, a lot of the math, statistics, and programming in air and climate modeling directly applies to other forecasting and data science problems - including modeling demand on a bird themed, micro-blogging website!

My passion for helping amplify voices from all backgrounds in STEM & highlighting non-traditional career paths including all the potholes and peaks that comes from that lived experience is why I participate in Science-A-Thon. I cannot wait for the 2021 event!

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