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Meet Our Scientists

Let's take a look back at our Science-A-Thon 2019 participants from all around the world!


Wishing you could time travel to previous Science-A-Thons so you can celebrate science with us all over again? Click here to visit previous years' pages and relive your favorite Science-A-Thon memories.

2019 Keynote Scientists

In October 2019, Science-A-Thon rolled out the red carpet for our five Keynote Scientists (left to right): Marshall Shepherd, Jane Lubchenco, Dawn Wright, Ned Segal, and Jacquelyn Gill


Click on each of the photos below to learn more about these superstar scientists, and keep scrolling for more amazing Science-A-Thon 2019 participants.

Science-A-Thon 2019 Participants:

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