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Step 1: Name and Email

Please include your name as you would like it featured on our website and other promotional materials. Please note that the email address you provide will be used only by Science-A-Thon leadership and staff and will not be distributed to any other party.

100% of the funds raised by Science-A-Thon participants will be donated to the following organizations paving the way for women in science: Earth Science Women's Network, Girls Who Code, and the Society of Women Engineers.


Step 2: T-shirt Size and Mailing Address

Would you like a Science-A-Thon 2019 t-shirt and some science-y swag? If so, please select your t-shirt size and provide your mailing address below. We will send a registration package right to your door.

If you are NOT interested in receiving a complimentary registration package, please select "No" from the menu below and continue on to Step 3.

Would you like a Science-A-Thon 2019 t-shirt?

If yes, Which size?

Mailing Address:

Step 3: Tell Us About Yourself! (optional)

During the week of October 14-18, participants are encouraged to share pictures and stories in their #dayofscience. You can post throughout one day or once a day through the week. Please provide your social media handle for one or all of the social media fields below, so we can feature you in our posts! If you will be using a social media platform other than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to post your #dayofscience or prefer to email your photos to us, you can skip this part of the registration.

Upload a photo of yourself doing science! This will be featured in our participant photo gallery as well as some social media posts.

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