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Science-A-Thon Partnership

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About Partnerships

The Science-A-Thon team is passionate about using our platform to increase the visibility of science and create opportunities for women and minorities in STEM. By becoming a partner of Science-A-Thon, your organization will work closely with our leadership team to find an engagement plan that fits your organization's structure and goals.

Science-A-Thon partnerships can take many forms, ranging from an in-kind exchange of social media engagement to a more formal sponsorship. For example, Science-A-Thon can promote your organization's great work through our social media platforms in return for your organization encouraging your networks to participate in our event. Our team is committed to finding a partnership that reaches both organizations' audiences in an engaging and impactful way.


Please contact us to discuss how your organization could join as a partner by sending an email to

About Partnership

Become a Partner

The goal of Science-A-Thon is to highlight scientists, engineers, and other STEM-related professionals. We do this by:

  • Recruiting Science-A-Thon participants

  • Featuring participants on our website

  • Engaging participants on social media

  • Using our generous Twitter for Good grant to amplify their tweets

If we have more members of your organization participate and tag other organizations in your network, we are able to showcase your members and mission more effectively. Your organization can encourage your members to register for our event by:

  • Promoting Science-A-Thon in your organization's social media, website, or other outreach materials

  • Personally registering and promoting Science-A-Thon through personal networks

  • Introducing us to other leaders in your organization that we can contact directly

  • Whatever you suggest!

Our goal is to promote your organization, and we can only do that if more members of your organization register for Science-A-Thon. Any other suggestions or ideas you may have on how to best engage are greatly appreciated. Please email with any questions.

Become a Partner
Meet Our Partners
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