Marcia McNutt's #dayofscience

Grabbing breakfast at the Keck building cafeteria. It's a great start to a #dayofscience.

Stopping by a meeting of @NASEM_Gulf and the Division on Earth and Life Studies with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center to discuss R&D to promote resilience and maintain habitability of coastal zones. 

Talking with Dr. Lauren Alexander Augustine, Director of the Program on Risk, Resilience, and Extreme Events of Policy and Global Affairs.

A lively discussion with the NASEM Policy and Global Affairs Oversight Committee.

Spotted from the office window - despite rainy
weather, visitors still come by the Einstein Memorial for #PhotosWithAlbert!

Catching up with Executive Officer Bruce Darling in front of the current @CPNAS art exhibit.

Happy to host the U.S. Department of Education at the NAS Building for Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem event.

A quick meeting with Rita Guenther, senior program officer at NASEM leading cooperative U.S.-Russian and Indo-U.S. projects.

Taking advantage of a few quiet minutes to review meeting notes.

Presenting the winners at the #NASEMCommAward ceremony beside #NASmember and selection committee chair @MayBerenbaum.

Welcoming the audience and award winners to the @KeckFutures #NASEMCommAward ceremony.

These are just a few of the recent reports from @theNASEM. You can download them at for free!

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