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Have you set up your personal Crowdrise fundraising page for Science-A-Thon 2019?


Would you like to?


That’s fine!


If you’d like to help fundraise for the general cause please consider linking to in your social media for Science-A-Thon!


Great, thank you! Have you fundraised for Science-A-Thon or other events before?  

I have!

Donors to your previous fundraisers have shown they want to support your charitable work! Contacting these folks shows you appreciated their prior support.

 Use email, phone, or your previous donation website to contact donors.


Our #1 Templates may be helpful to reach each of these previous donors (a personal note is nicest, but bulk is okay too!)

Not Yet!

Now that you’ve written to your previous donors, it’s time for personal notes to co-workers, high school friends, family, and others you think would be interested in supporting you in raising funds for these three amazing charities!

What's next?

Click here to set up your personal Crowdrise fundraising page, or write to and we’ll set it up for you!

Hands down, the best way to ask for a donation is through a personal note. It shows you care about the cause, and are taking the time to say why.

Our #2 Templates may be helpful to reach contacts and friends who haven’t donated to your efforts before. A personal note is best, but a group note is also okay!

Finally – think creatively – are there things you can do to incentivize giving? Refer to Example 2b for ideas on what you can do to put the "fun!" in fundraising!

Now What?

With personal notes done, now is the time for social media!


See our #3 Templates for customizable posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.


Try to get the message out in advance and during your #dayofscience!

Last, But Not LEast!

As the last – maybe most important – step… don’t forget to thank your donors. Crowdrise makes this super-easy by emailing you each time you get a donation.


Our #4 Templates have some thoughtful thank you text to make this step quick and happy!

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