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Science-A-Thon is a five-day celebration of science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM!), science professionals, science teachers, science journalists, and anyone else who uses science in their day – from the lab to the field, from learning to teaching, from routine tasks to major discoveries!


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Please send any questions or suggestions you have regarding Science-A-Thon to info@scienceathon.org.


What is Science-A-Thon?

Science-A-Thon is a five-day celebration of science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM!), science professionals, science teachers, science journalists, and anyone else who uses science in their day! This event raises money for a portfolio of leading organizations that support women’s advancement in STEM. The goal of the Science-A-Thon is to increase visibility of scientists and the important work they do for the public.

Where is Science-A-Thon?

While the idea for this event sprouted in Madison, Wisconsin, it has quickly taken off on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and is now celebrated on social media all over the world! Science-A-Thon is not an in-person event, so anyone and everyone can join. All participants will be mailed a registration package that includes a t-shirt and other science-y swag.


Who can participate in Science-A-Thon?

Anyone 18 or older is welcome to participate!​ This can mean professionals: from scientists, mathematicians, and engineers... to doctors and nurses… to museum archivists… to industry researchers and developers… anyone who advances scientific knowledge or applies science to solve problems!


We also welcome students and members of the public to spend the day connecting with science... students in summer school or internship programs… moms and dads taking kids to a science museum… artists and photographers working on science-inspired projects for the day…even politicians who spend the day promoting science! Whether you define yourself as a scientist every day (#IAmAScientist) or just want to join in for the day (#ScientistForADay), we are excited to see you doing science!


How much money do you expect Science-A-Thon to raise and where do the proceeds go?

There are three sources of revenue for this event:


1) Corporate sponsorship ($1K - $10K)

2) Event registration for individuals ($25/$100/$250)

3) Peer-to-peer fundraising by our participants (in past years, this raised ~$30K; our future target is ~$100K)


Funds from (1) and (2), sponsorship and registration, cover costs of the Science-A-Thon event itself. These include staff, software, publicity, t-shirts, mailing, etc. We adjust our outreach activities to the budget we have, so with more support we can do more! Funds raised from (3), peer-to-peer fundraising by participants, will be split among our featured partner charities.

All funds to Science-A-Thon, from all sources, are tax-deductible as gifts to the 501(c)(3) ESWN.

What if I don't have a public social media account?

It’s free and easy to set up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! If you don’t want to create a new account, there are other options:

1. Share your day through Snapchat, email, or any other social network.

2. Send us your posts (either prior to the event or throughout the week), and we will post them through the Science-A-Thon social media feeds.


Note: By sending your posts, you agree that these materials can be used in promotional activities of Science-A-Thon.


When should I participate?

The date of Science-A-Thon 2020 will be announced soon! Science-A-Thon is five days long to allow flexibility for participants and broader community engagement. You are welcome to share a few photos a day, lots of photos in a single day, or engage in whatever way fits your goals and schedule. Each day of the week will have an optional focus based on fields in and around science. Have an idea of a theme you'd like to see? Email info@scienceathon.org to share your thoughts with us!


I want to participate, but I'm not able to during the week of Science-A-Thon... Can I still participate?

Yes! You can take pictures from another day before the start of Science-A-Thon and share with #scienceathon and #dayofscience through social media! This will help us boost awareness of #scienceathon leading up to the event — even people who will be online during the week of Science-A-Thon are welcome and encouraged to join in early!


Why does Science-A-Thon take place in October?

Science-A-Thon takes place in October to better connect to students and teachers in a way that will increase the relevance of Science-A-Thon. The move now corresponds with Earth Science Week, which fits our role as a fundraiser and promoter of women in STEM.


Can I participate without registering?

Only registered Science-A-Thon participants (Standard, Champion, and Laureate) will be listed on our website and promoted in our outreach material and media engagement. We encourage everyone to register so we can give you the credit you deserve! Registered participants will also receive complimentary Science-A-Thon t-shirts.


We encourage scientists and science supporters to show your science love every day of the year, whether or not you’re participating in Science-A-Thon!


Who is running Science-A-Thon?

Dr. Tracey Holloway is the Chair of Science-A-Thon and is the designated contact for media and corporate inquiries (eswn_tracey@yahoo.com). Tracey is a scientist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working to connect satellites and computer models with air quality and energy.


How is Science-A-Thon supported?

Science-A-Thon is supported by our generous sponsors. Science-A-Thon is looking for corporate sponsors and private donors to ensure this exciting event is a success. Click here for more information on sponsorship.


How do I register for Science-A-Thon?


Click here to join the Science-A-Thon team! We strive to make this event accessible to all. If you are unable to contribute a monetary donation this year but still would like to participate, please contact scienceathon@gmail.com for complimentary registration.