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Science-A-Thon is a five-day celebration of science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM!), science professionals, science teachers, science journalists, and anyone else who uses science in their day – from the lab to the field, from learning to teaching, from routine tasks to major discoveries!


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A Blast from the Past

Let's take a look back at Science-A-Thon throughout the years...


Beginning in 2017, this one-day celebration of science attracted more than 150 participants and became a trending topic on social media! The success of 2017 encouraged a bigger and better 2018 Science-A-Thon, with nearly 300 scientists joining in from all over the globe! The five-day structure of the 2018 event featured daily focuses, with participants posting their #dayofscience on the day that best matched their theme of interest.

Science-A-Thon 2019 is sure to be the greatest celebration of science yet! We look forward to welcoming all of our 2019 participants.

Click below to explore our previous Science-A-Thon events: